CSCJ Basic Education Department passed PAASCU Level II

A team of seven (7) accreditors from PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities) led by its staff chairperson Dr. Cynthia Arcadio conducted the re-survey visit of the Basic Education Program of CSCJ on March 7-8, 2016.

The school prepared for this visit through the creation of the Self-Survey Team which was divided into different committees. The Institutional Chairperson and head of the Institutional Philosophy and Objectives was our School President, Sr. Ma. Asuncion G. Evidente, DC. The Executive Chair and head of Curriculum and Instruction was the former Principal, Mrs. Joji Ermel M. Laurea, MESL; Mrs. Mary Jane Tabang, MaEd, the new Principal, led the Committee on Faculty; Mrs. Girlie Paniergo led the Library, Audio-Visual Services; Miss Ana Maria Daguay, MEM, led the Committee on Laboratories; Mr. Romeo Jayme, MEM, led the committee on Physical Plant. The Student Services Committee was led by Mr. Wilfredo Torrecampo, Jr. The Administration Committee was led by Mrs. Desie Coca and School and Community Committee was led by Mrs. Lucia Villanueva. Instrumental to get us through and succeed in this endeavour was the full support of the Vice President for Academics Dr. Ma. Helena Desiree M. Terre

The PAASCU Team recognized the collaborative effort and spirit put into the institutional self-survey by the administrators, faculty, and staff of the Basic Education Department as well as the support of stakeholders and the desire to grow and improve and the commitment to high quality of education.

The new 5 year re-accreditation status qualifies Sagrado’s Basic Education Program to apply for the Level III accreditation by PAASCU.

The school owes it to the graces from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady and the love, concern and full support of our DC Sisters, parents, alumni, friends and stakeholders.


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