Scholarship Programs



  1. Academic Scholarships
  • Full and half merit scholarships for First and Second Honors for BED students
  • Discount schemes are observed for the HED students with regular loads An average of 93% and above with no grade below 90% – 100&  An average of 90% with no grade below 88% -An average of 88% with no grade below 85% – 50%


  1. Entrance Scholarships (for Valedictorians & Salutatorians)
  • Valedictorian- 100% free tuition fee (BED: 1 year, HED: 1 semester) Salutatorian- 50% discount tuition fee (BED: 1year, HED: 1semester)


  1. Athletic Scholarships (Sports: Swimming)
  • The discount for tuition fee is determined according to the awards received and properly endorsed by the Sports Coordinator.


  1. President’s Scholars (Arts and Theatre)
  • Granted to poor but deserving students who excel in the field of arts and theatre.


  1. Sagrado Alternative Evening School Program (SAES) for HED
  • This program enhance capabilities of future Hospitality Management Graduates coming from the marginalized sector of the society.


  1. The CSCJ BED Seton Scholarships
  • This is Learn-Together Scheme where Seton Scholars selected from the nearby communities join the classrooms of the regular enrollees and partake of the curricular and c-curricular offerings in an ambiance of genuine communion, open dialogue and mutual exchange.


  1. Indigenous People/CES Scholarship
  • Subsidized tuition fee & miscellaneous fees to deserving member of Ati Community from Malay, Aklan


  1. Marillac Grantees’ Scholarship Program
  • This program provides educational assistance to desirous and deserving young people who are academically capable but cannot fully finance their college education. At the same time the grantees are expected to help the institution through the work they will be asked to render.


  1. Family Discounts
  • The Scholarship are granted to the faculty and staff’s family members (1st degree). The first child will receive a fully funded scholarship. The second will receive 75% and the rest will receive 50%.


  1. Personnel Scholarship Grant
  • Tuition fee discount benefits for dependent of employees


  1. Special Scholarship for Bachelor of Science in Tourism
  • The scholarship will cover the tuition fee only for 10 first year and 10 for second year BSTM students
  • The scholarship will be renewable every semester for students with a maintaining General Weighted Average of 88% with no grade below 85%.

NGO and GO-Sponsored

  1. GASTPE- DepEd-Government Assistance to Students in Private
  2. Education through Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) and Department of Education
  • Students

ESC- Education Service Contracting

  • Php6,500.00 for Grades 7 & 8
  • Php5,500.00 for Grades 9 & 10
  • Teachers

TSS- Teacher Salary Subsidy

  • Php12,000.00 per licensed Secondary Teacher


  1. Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES Program)


  • Under the Department of Labor and Employment, intended for the poor but deserving students from 15 to 25 years old.


  1. CHED’s Scholarship (StuFAPs)
  • Study-Now-Pay-Later Program

(Php7, 500.00 per semester)

  • Tulong-Dunong
  • Tertiary Educational Subsidy


  1. Congressional Scholarships ( P6000.00 per recipient per semester USWAG, Defensor, Garin)
  2. SSVP ASSIST Program Scholarship ( p2,500.00 per recipient per semester)
  3. Gado and Jess Jalandoni Scholarship helps children of Catholic parents particularly those living in the rural areas have access to tertiary education.( p50,000 per qualified recipient per year)