Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)

Program Outcomes:

  1. To imbue social work student with a sense of responsibility towards God and society that will help contribute to building of an empowered Christian community.
  2. To foster appreciation and understanding of the philosophical values and principle that underlie the practice of social work in the field of social welfare.
  3. To facilitate students’ acquisition of competencies in critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, needs and resources matching and documentation of experiences necessary in social work exposure and field practice.
  4. To develop a responsible partnership and collaboration with the various segments of society, namely the church, government and non-government institutions and organizations within the framework of the school’s Vincentian mission, vision, goal and objectives as well as of the Social Work course.
  5. To graduate professionally trained Vincentian social workers competent and committed to meet the challenges of contemporary times within the local, national and global paradigms.