Institutional Philosophy and Objectives

  1. The conviction that all persons are endowed with dignity. Hence, all personal and communal resources are harnessed for the promotion of life, human rights, global excellence, social transformation and sustainable development particularly of the less privileged.
  1. The cultivation of Human, Filipino, Christian Values among the Community of Learners in order to genuinely participate in the renewal towards an Integral Transformation.
  1. The advancement of the socio-economic goals of the country through the development of self-reliant and productive Filipinos committed to excellence and the promotion of desirable cultural heritage for sustainable development.
  1. The adherence to academic excellence and professional competence through relevant pedagogical principles that promote creativity and critical reflection to enable the learners effect sustainability in a rapidly changing society.
  1. The promotion of lifestyle which is Christ-centered, characterized by an advocacy for persons who are poor, respect for human dignity, compassionate service co-responsibility, solidarity, simplicity commitment to excellence and social commitment.