Lower and Upper Basic Education


The elementary education curriculum implements the core subjects, Exploratory Home Economics and Livelihood Education, Computer Education, Music, Arts, and Physical Education. Time allotment has been added to core subjects English, Math, and Science. The lower – level adopts an SRA based, Ability Grouping, and Personalized Approach in the Special Reading Program. There is a free Remedial/ Enrichment Classes and After Class Program ( Built – in remedial and After Class Group) for Core subjects. Mother tongue as a Communication subjectv offered to Grades 1 – 3. basic Home Arts is provided to Grades 1- 3.




The upper basic education curriculum is designed to continue Grade School by providing the learners with wholesome opportunities to grow in knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values, skills and abilities needed in the realization of the aspiration of an adolescent in today’s world through a relevant academic program which prepare the students both vocational and college work.

The Junior High School Curriculum is composed of core subjects, Specializations in Technology and Home Economics using a Team Teaching Approach and Computer Education. There is an Advance Special Reading Program for Upper Level. Music, Arts. Physical Education and Health are offered from Grade 7 – 10. A free remedial/ enrichment classes and after class programs are provided for core subjects.